9 thoughts on “ETHS 60 Into Action”

  1. “A COON’S AGE – Meaning ‘a very long time,’ a coon’s age is an Americanism recorded in 1843 and probably related to the old English expression ‘in a crow’s age,’ meaning the same. The American term is an improvement, if only because the raccoon usually lives longer — up to 13 years in the wild – than the crow.” From the “Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins” by Robert Hendrickson (Facts on File, New York, 1997), Page 168.

  2. You guys really are wonderful. Thanks for making me laugh every time!
    I wish I could vote, too. Thanks for pointing out the importance of this election.
    Vera, I am very happy and proud that you registered. I really admire the development of your thought process in this matter. People like you give me hope that things actually will get better.
    My deep respect and admiration for all three of you. ETHS is not only the best but also the most important podcast out there. Your effort and work are highly appreciated – and needed!

  3. I wet my toilet paper before wiping because of the hemorrhoids. If you wet the toilet paper you can use the cheap ass toilet paper. I keep the sink water on and reach over and the toilet paper every time I need to wipe.

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