5 thoughts on “ETHS 61 Is America Stupid and Does it Matter?”

  1. Ms. Lohan is a big old lesbian! Madge, go snag yourself some tail and marry Lohan in California… GO! I’m sure she isn’t chewed up like mince-meat yet! She’s still young 🙂

    Seriously though, I’m interested in this McCain’s Chief of Staff, Mr. Mark Buse. Well not so much in him as I’m interested in the story and his ex boyfriend. When did it become okay for another gay man to intentionally out another gay man? Like, isn’t there any decency?

  2. The BBC put out a 4 part documentary a few years called The Century of The Self It’s very enlightening how major corporations started using psychology to create a consumers class in the 20’s to the use of it by politicians today to get elected. Long live focus groups and polls.

  3. Good episode! Madge and Vera gang up on Wanda for a change. I continue to enjoy all three of you, and I hope you continue to bring your different perspectives to the table, because interesting insights come out of that confluence.

    As for the stupidity of Americans in general, I think that’s a bit too superficial to really explain it. When the average Americans has all the facts, I generally trust them to make the right decision. But most Americans haven’t been given facts for a long time now. The media, the corporate media, has utterly failed the American people, and is no longer interested in fact-checking politicians at all.

    Infotainment has blurred the lines between news and fiction.

    It also hasn’t helped that American politics has essentially turned into sports theater, with the Republicans versus Democrats equivalent to the Yankees versus the Red Sox.

  4. I agree that simply naming a group stupid isn’t productive. It, of course, is true, but infuriates the stupid which leads to communication shut down.

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