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  1. Best showgrum ever! Vera, once again, I can’t believe I’m in complete agreement with you. Wanda, Wanda, Wanda…your giving the benefit of the doubt to Evangelicals is, like Vera says, naive. I too have a sister who has been brainwashed by this cult of loons. She has stated in the past that if it ever came down to having to make a choice, she would forever choose her church over her own family. I have been to her “mega church” as kind of a research mission and, once again like Vera says, to keep an eye on the enemy. There are no words for what goes on in these places. It is truly frightening and I can only suggest that you actually go to one of these churches and experience it for yourself. You will be creeped out. Hands waving in the air, people with their heads thrown back in some sort of orgasmic rapture….it’s all freakishly bizarre. Of course these are only my opinions but once you have witnessed it and listened to their message, you realize that what Vera said is correct…with these people, you believe ALL of it, the entire package. They don’t stand for you picking and choosing. Sarah Palin belonged to no less than FOUR of these kinds of churches…you can’t tell me that she doesn’t buy into it too or she would have found one that was more in line with her own beliefs. I suggest you actually research what these “end times” people believe. Their ultimate goal is to actually help along this idea of an “armeggedon” by creating the chaos in the world that they believe the bible has prophesied. They believe the European Union is this mythical “monster” of so-many-heads that is talked about in the book of Revelation. I could go on and on…it all sounds incredibly nonsensical. Yet, my sister who was raised in a non-religious home and received a very good education, has thrown all reason and logic out the window to embrace these ideas as fact. And that is her right, to believe whatever she wants…but the very notion of someone like Sarah Palin, who is a member of this type of cult/group being in a position of power and authority is something that we can’t allow to happen. They are dangerous, not only to the U.S. but to the world.

    I’m not trying to sound like an alarmist but, like Vera, I have first hand experience with these wackos. They do not vote based on reason, logic or their own best interests…they vote for what they believe will further their religious agenda. Sarah Palin is one of them. Do the research! Religion has never been more relevant in the political discourse than it is for this election simply because of Sarah Palin being nominated. The Republicunts are counting on the religious right throwing reason and logic out the window like they always do. How do you think Bush got “elected” twice?

  2. Great progrum!

    Sarah Palin scares me in that she has people believing she would make a good president! A friend of mine saw a pic of her baby in her office so she now assumes SP takes her baby to work with her.

    And regarding grief. Everyone grieves in their own way. I was criticized for not showing enough grief when my husband died. Though this person (my sister-blech) had not been around for the previous 8 months while we dealt with his diagnosis, treatments, sickness, surgeries (she did help after one), prognosis and decline, she felt the need to judge how I was dealing with it all. I informed her that I began my grieving the day I heard the diagnosis. Though 7 years later, I still have moments.

  3. Hi SweetPeas! This was a really good discussion and reminded me that Bill Maher’s “Religious” film will be screened at the Toronto International Film Festival (I wish I could see it). The discussion also reminded me of a debate we had here in Kingston. The Kingston Gospel Temple changed their lovely sign to advertise (during our Pride month) that “God loves gays but hates pride”. It started an interesting discussions about evangelicals on some email forums, over coffee, and over drinks. I think the discussions really opened my mind. I had the same opinion of Auntie Vera that all evangelicals were fundamentalists and were bent on destroying the queer community. But I slowly realized that this is not completely true. There’s allot of grey. Evangelicals and fundamentalists are so diverse on their beliefs and practices that to pool them into one category can be detrimental. I think we need to fight the actions and words of those who may be trying to force their evangelical or fundamentalist beliefs onto others. In both our great countries, we have freedom of religion and we can choose our religious beliefs. But when someone tries to impose their beliefs on us, that is wrong. They can believe whatever they want.. I’m completely cool with that. They can hate me or love me because I’m a homo all they want as long as they are not imposing their beliefs on me. IMHO in regards to Sarah Palin, it does appear she is trying to impose her religious beliefs on others and that isn’t right. Obama has said that he will not impose his religious beliefs on the American people. Vote Obama.

    Sarah Palin also scares me because she is using her religion as a marketting tool. How is this right? Human history is littered with examples where people voted for someone because they were associated with some religion (ie Catholic or Protestant etc). Not because they were the best person to do the job but because of their association with a religion. That is also true for some people who were excluded because of their religious beliefs. In the not so so distant past, Jews were not allowed to hold public office. Are we slowly slipping down a slop where if you are not an evangelical, you won’t be elected?

    Does this make any sense?? 🙂

  4. EATing THIS HOT SHOW! So yummy is the new site. Great job Martian! Dark and creepy is the Vera image in a good way. lol!

    Sometimes it takes virtual beings aka Madge’s, Wanda’s and Vera’s for people to step out of themselves and our own reality to see reality from another perspective.

    Wonderful show as always or mostly always. hehehe

    BustB!G and live your dreams everyone.

  5. as i said on YR, if you’re taking her religion off the table, then take the senility argument off the table, because it’s the same thing. talk about his education, policy etc.

    being senile will affect his judgment and decision making ability no more than being holding extreme evangelical beliefs would.

  6. How life imitates art. I am dealing with my own grief after my partern who lost the battle with depression took his own life in May. I wish I could offer some sage that didn’t come off as a platitude. Grief is part intuitition and part getting help be it talking or reading or what have you. Podcasts were my lifeline for the first month and helped insulate me when I had to leave my house which was a scary experience. Thanks for sharing something so personal Vera. It helps me to hear about others experiences with loss and of course its nice to know I’m not the only one.

  7. This new design is really terrible for reading comments. Sorry if this offends anyone, but it’s obviously not optimal for text.

  8. Loving the now look even though clay mask thing looks a little like something from SAW… It looks even freakier than it did on the last version of the site. Nice work Martin Note !!!

  9. Oh ladies, I’m with you on telling the kids and being real. First, when Gussy died, I not only discussed it with my kids but they also watched the videos on Insane films. I have also had numerous conversations about death with my kids. Last but not least, we’ve even recorded podcasts at the grave yard (http://juvenilebraintrust.com/blog/index.php/archives/27 and http://juvenilebraintrust.com/blog/index.php/archives/28). Madge already knows this but my kids are 6 & 8. I do have people around me who treat the word “death” as if it were the word “fuck” — pussies!

  10. Dear Vera,

    In regards to Sarah Palin making a request for “pulling out:”

    She would never do so because Evangelicals don’t know the meaning of pulling out as evidenced by the 5 children and the baby out of wedlock on the way.

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