ETHS51: Like Pudding in a Paper Bag (Sounds Like the Name of a Radiohead Song)

Extra bitchy show with lots of topics including:
The New Yorker Cartoon and the far side of idiocy.
Vera’s wedding.
Wanda’s low self esteem.
Madge’s LYPS.


18 thoughts on “ETHS51: Like Pudding in a Paper Bag (Sounds Like the Name of a Radiohead Song)”

  1. Thanks for the high pants, tucked in shirts, bags of pudding and porn chit-chat.

    I think Black Vera needs to do a whole show.

    P.S. Dating does suck.

  2. I have such a warm feeling knowing that the latest ETHS progrum is in my Motorola SLVR L7 just waiting for me to play!

    GAWD, I love listening to you ladies. (unique yet annoying but compelling laughter ensues)

  3. About the people in the US believing the New Yorker cover to be the truth…I saw a sign made on microsoft word on the back of a car today and it said the following: “Obama/Osama what’s the difference? Just a ‘B’. Don’t vote for terrorism.”

    This was in Atlanta, btw.

  4. Despite AVC’s exclamations, banks fail all the time. Although Indymac was the second biggest bank ever to fail, four others have failed this year as well. There will be more; maybe some biggies. So far, it’s nothing compared to past eras. During the S&L crisis, 279 banks failed in 1988 alone.

  5. Ditto! I’d love for the Black Vera character to come out and speak
    her sassy, irreverent mind!

  6. So now we know TWO things that irritate Madge and that Vera can use against her.

    1. Accuse her of being overmedicated.
    2. Ask her about her wooden hand. She’s got one. Ask her about it.

  7. Madge is ONLY funny on this show… WANDA WISDOM is the best…

    Yeast Radio SUCKS! Just plain TERRIBLE… yet, when paired with the amazing WW, Madge can be fun and playful…
    Kudos for a good show ladies!

  8. lovely as always
    the perfect amount of cunt jokes and good old political diatribe.
    I’m just in love with Auntie Vera Charles

  9. The term ‘middle america’ isn’t used in a geographic sense, as it lumps a 100 million people into a monolithic group philosophically between the coasts. It’s meant to mean ‘the middle of the road thought across the country’. I live in DC and spent most of my life in the midwest/south and can tell you, you find right wing AND left wing thoughts EVERYWHERE…and lots of middle-of-the-road all over.
    Love the show.

  10. I am truly pleased to see Vera get a jab in at Madge regarding talking about what is important! I kept thinking the same thing up to that point! Thanks, Vera!

  11. @andy You and Vera are both stupid. Perhaps it’s all the food. Talking about things that are important doesn’t mean you have to talk about important things ALL THE TIME. That is a moronic, simplistic, and reactionary cuntclusion, though I can’t say I’m surprised.

    My beef is with people who ignore the important issues of the world and focus only on the processed and manufactured issues created by assholes to keep you from changing the world. Duh.

    The world is not talking about LYPS…. not yet anyway.

  12. Ahh, remember a couple years ago when Ragan F would tease Madge about her wooden hand? “F*CK YOU – I don’t have a wooden hand!” Hilarious.

    I love that this show releases the personas of the ladies to some degree and allows them to bust out if necessary / desired.

  13. Just like alchemy – three basic elements all solid in their own environments come together to create pure gold…….or is that fools gold?

  14. 1. JibJab is goodness — thank you Auntie Vera Charles

    2. A lot of the porn these days take the love out of making love. It does, though (at least for the non-sados), make soft core porn more exciting because the people in it actually like each other.

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