10 thoughts on “ETHS 50: We Made it!”

  1. Happy 50th. I was going to say I often agree with Vera (although not on the voting thing, but I wouldn’t beat her to death over it, unlike some!) despite being 33 like Wanda, but then I realised I’d been baited into some comment scam, since it would place me in a position of disagreeing with Vera for asserting that her age affects her opinion while simultaneously disagreeing with Wanda that it’s bullshit. Fucking genius!

  2. I know you like MoDo, but didn’t you read Gail Collins? Oh, right, it came out the same day you posted this. Anyway, I very much agree with you, but her article made a lot of sense:

    “I know, I know. You’re upset. You think the guy you fell in love with last spring is spending the summer flip-flopping his way to the right. Drifting to the center. Going all moderate on you. So you’re withholding the love. Also possibly the money.

    I feel your pain. I just don’t know what candidate you’re talking about.

    Think back. Why, exactly, did you prefer Obama over Hillary Clinton in the first place? Their policies were almost identical — except his health care proposal was more conservative. You liked Barack because you thought he could get us past the old brain-dead politics, right? He talked — and talked and talked — about how there were going to be no more red states and blue states, how he was going to bring Americans together, including Republicans and Democrats.

    Exactly where did everybody think this gathering was going to take place? Left field?”

  3. Because Charles Bufe says it oh so much more eloquently than I in his book AA Cult or Cure, I’m pasting this:

    While many AA members would assert that AA is a “spiritual” organization rather than a religious one, there is little doubt that they are simply parroting a rote assertion common in AA. In fact, AA’s religiosity is so obvious that even the courts have taken note of it and appeals courts have consistently ruled (in cases challenging mandated attendance) that AA is a religious organization. One lower-court case is illustrative; as the court stated in a 1984 Wisconsin ruling (Grandberg V. Ashland County):

    Alcoholics Anonymous materials . . . and the testimony of the witness established beyond a doubt that religious activities, as defined in constitutional law, were a part of the treatment program. The distinction between religion and spirituality is meaningless, and serves merely to confuse the issue.

    Unfortunately, many non-religious alcoholics do drink themselves to death after investigating AA and rejecting it because of its religiosity. In all too many cases, that appears to be the result of their acceptance of the AA myth that alcoholics who reject AA are doomed to an alcoholic hell. This belief frequently becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If those too honest to “fake it until [they] make it” believe that their only choice is between abandoning their integrity (by embracing AA and participating in an endless series of dreary religious meetings) or continuing to drink, it’s little wonder that a great many eventually do drink themselves to death.

  4. All you girls rock (even if you are retarded like me!!). And Vera, please, don’t give a F*** about what people say here. You rock too girl!!!!!!

  5. Congrats on your 50th show. I don’t comment often enough, but thoroughly enjoy the show and look forward to each new episode. Yes, your controversial shows do generate more comments, but I enjoy you’re tamer shows just as much if not more.

    Glad to hear your health stats are good, Madge. They obviously ran no tests on your vagina.

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