6 thoughts on “ETHS49: Pelting Retards with Thin Mints”

  1. Regarding that one lonely man carrying the anti-war sign….why is it that the GLBT community will turn out in the tens of thousands for a celebration which, for the majority, has evolved into nothing more than a cruisefest, yet when it comes to serious issues…including those that affect them directly, nobody really cares all that much? I’m old enough to remember the onset of the AIDS epidemic and the sheer volume of GLBT activists willing to come together and scream at the top of their lungs in order to be heard was nothing short of amazing. Sadly, with issues such as gay marriage or simply having equal rights, I don’t think that could ever happen today. Apathy runs rampant and distractions like Amy Winehouse are more important. Sometimes I really hate us.

    Wanda, Cheryl throwing mints at retarded people’s faces + RuPaul kicking photographers = Naomi Campbell…the obvious choice for next years Pride!

  2. Its Bloomsday Madge and it just passed. Its when all the joycian fags congregate in Dublin wearing white suits and bowler hats.

    Very very G.A.Y. !!

  3. comments, comments, comments….i thought you weren’t looking at them anymore !!!

    Does it count as negative “feedback” if you leave it yourself Vera ?

  4. I can’t agree more with the very first post for this show. Yes it is important to go and celebrate our pride but why just one day a year people?

    Seriously if we all stood up together it would be amazing at what we can accomplish!

  5. LOVED this show. I know you three really don’t mean it when you are telling each other off. When you tell each other to f*ck off, it’s the new way of saying “I care about you. I respect what you have to say and your right to say it.” SO MODERN of the ladies.

    (And, hey, right on, Ramble Redhead!)

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