ETHS 52: Dried Figs- Tasteless or Laxative?

I forgot what we’re talking about.
What day is it?
Jean tacos.
Dried figs.
Wanda’s Hollywood loaf at the gym.
No panty Wanda.
Loose LYPS Wanda
Ain’t no thang.
Pop Tarts for the vagina.


11 thoughts on “ETHS 52: Dried Figs- Tasteless or Laxative?”

  1. Madge was spot on about the staring thing. When hot guys look at me, I divert my eyes immediately. There was this incredibly cute guy that I was after for a year… he was staring at me hardcore at a clurrb, and I was convinced he was staring at me because he was repulsed by me and hated me… so when he would start walking up to me, I literally ran and hid behind things. It was so pitiful. I need therapy. Anyway, he was persistent enough that we finally talked and dated for a few weeks.

    BTW, the Michael Jackson jokes made me “LOL”.

  2. Another wonderful Eat This Hot Duvet.

    Madge has wood in hand?

    I love when Skype craps out on the show and everyone is still talking and recording while they are being called back and we can hear everyone still talking. Is that like being inside Herman’s Head!?

    When Madge and Wanda laugh out when Vera says “Child Murder” I almost choked on my lunch. lol

    And finally never loose the comment/clyp after the end theme song, I always love that! hehehe

  3. Thank you Madge for summating Wanda’s problem. That is to say s/he needs to take some initiative.

    BTW I think this show could benefit from some structure. The first 35 banal minutes of rambling were like cold diarrhea.

  4. wait wut

    the trick to picking up hot mens is to stare them down??

    sometimes it’s like looking into the sun .. ;(

    i think wanda should glance up ~coyly~ thru her lashes & then maybe flash her labias. juz sayin.

  5. Madgie-darling! Thanks for the mention (visit my MySpace site!) at one minute before the show ended. It made my DAY. I love the spice that you bring to the show.
    However, my critique of that HORRIBLE gash of a show on called Yeast Radio still stands. Your format needs major work. Why can’t you be MORE like Wanda Wisdom (Goddess!).
    Any case, I was shocked that with ALL of your scary talent (cause your Yeast Radio is so amazing…) that you could ONLY make a joke about my looks… hmmm… maybe it was an off day for you.

    Still, I’m loving the three of you girls together. The content really keeps me coming back. The juxtaposition of world-events and pop-culture are a hit with me. Congrats to all of you…. and mostly to Wanda Wisdom (work it!).

  6. Why does Michael Jackson like 25-year olds?

    Because there are 20 of them.

    It works better when said aloud. Love the showgrums!!

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