ETHS #42 Think Globally Eat Locally

Today’s topics include:
paris vs. brittneys
Ham on the Barr
dom partnerships vs. marriage
Torture Memo
If the world is going to hell, now what?

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33 thoughts on “ETHS #42 Think Globally Eat Locally”

  1. WHERE’S MY HOT SHOW? I WANT TO EAT IT. I think some dumb whore posted the wrong progrum. My iTunes downloaded another copy of # 41.

    Do you want me to go read a BOOK or something? (gasp)

  2. Try unsubscribing then re-subscribing. I had to change the source of the feed from podshow to this blog so it may have gotten out of sync.

  3. Unsubscribing / re-subscribing didn’t work – but I used my advanced tab in iTunes and manually subscribed with “feed://” and now I got the progrum.

  4. first of all, the sound quality on this episode was extraordinary. it was crisp, clear, balanced, and added a tremendous amount of technical polish to a show i’d listen to even if it were broadcast over a CB radio.

    we’re only two episodes in with this new ETHS panel and i already think this is my favorite iteration of the show yet! vera is an excellent addition. admittedly, i’ve never listened to her show before, but in the company of madge and wanda she really holds her own, often formulating engaging and, at times, eloquent commentary (whether you agree with her or not).

    one thing that bothers me, though, is vera’s sensitivity issues. as someone who also wears his heart on his sleeve, i understand where her defensiveness comes from. however, the flow of ETHS would go so much more smoothly if vera just let her hair down a bit and take the barbs in stride and good fun. while i’m sure vera wasn’t being completely serious when she said, “we gotta be careful of the fat jokes ’cause you got a fatty on this end,” as a listener i was kind of taken aback. for a couple of seconds, things became a little unpleasant and seemed to stop short. after three years of listening to madge (whose unabashed scatological tirades i adore), maybe i’m just used to her feisty, no-holds-barred approach. but i think vera would be absolutely brilliant if she checked her self-consciousness at the door.

    so do your thing, vera! i know you have heaps of brazenness in you (if nothing else, your 25 years in showbiz prove that), and would love to see you bring that out more. regardless, your addition has helped make this the most interesting and cohesive ETHS panel so far.

  5. Great show ladies, and welcome back. You were sorely missed. Any plans to have the ugly cunt Cheryl on a future episode? Love her!!! The Cheryl/Madge/Wanda dynamic always entertains.

  6. Great show ladies & Vera! I like how you can touch on pop culture but don’t feel obligated to take up the whole show with it. And how there was no whining when politics came up.

    Madge, stop trying to persuade Vera to vote. She is not one to sway with peer pressure like the rest of us lemmings.

    Vera is getting stronger in her voice and finding her place, wonderful!

    Yep, sound was excellent even with my reduce hearing capacity.

  7. @Madge – How could you compare Paris Hilton and Madonna? Granted, yes she is not a good singer, but she’s worked a lot harder than ol’ silver spoon Hilton. Paris Hilton isn’t intelligent in the least bit!! She’s RETARDED!!

  8. She didn’t conceptualize the commercial. She didn’t negotiate the deal. She didn’t write, produce or direct the spot. She didn’t even audition. She took a phone call on her jewel encrusted cell phone from an agent that begged to represent her and said, “How much? Okay…sure….that’s hot”. Hardly brilliant Wandita my darling darling.

  9. I’m still holding out hope that Burger King will call me up and ask me to eat a double bacon cheeseburger half-naked on (since I don’t drive) the #5 bus. *fingers crossed* Oh, and I would be willing to do it for a couple thousand and some new panties.

  10. I fucking love listening to you all. I think that you all should have a TV show – come on Madge, you are the techo-broadcasting-lebanise-queen, and it should be called “Get Fucked”. Oh and Vara could be lit from behind so we cannot see her, just the glare of the lights. Well it looks good in my head anyway.


    Eiain xx

  11. @Elain I think “Get Fucked” is the perfect name for a national cable TV show. It’s very brand safe.

  12. Love the show. Can you get Rillz to stop molesting childrents long enough to do a guest spot? How ’bout Lady Raptastic? Of course, you’d to rip the bottle of Inglenook out of her hands and get her sobered up. :O

  13. Hi hmmm,

    To answer your question… Yes, she could be.

    Madge is actually only a ‘little’ piece of shit. She is clever, thought-filled, remarkably intelligent and funny. As a matter of fact, I’d ask her to marry me if I wasn’t already married.

    But then, I’m kinda shitty too. Probably even a bigger piece than Madge…or Wanda even. But not Cheryl.

    Coprolite kisses,

  14. Vera is a wonderful addition to the show. She’s gorgeous, smart and hilarious. She really brings it all back to the old days. Thank goodness she joined!

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