ETHS #43 It Could Be Worse

Today’s Topics Include:

Crazy AIDS Givers
Food Shortage
Sheattle Shutton and Lateral LIshping
Wanda’s Birthday
Bad Mood Gas

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14 thoughts on “ETHS #43 It Could Be Worse”

  1. Vera, this question is specifically for you. I am intrigued by your extreme disdain for the human race. I’m not attacking you for it as often times I find that I feel the same way, but your contempt seems to run so much deeper and I would really like to know why? In my own personal observations, I’ve noticed that the people who turn their backs on the human race are usually the ones who have never done much of anything to try to make a difference or improve it in anyway. You talk about your love of animals but is that because animals ask nothing of you (other than food and water)? It seems like such an easy escape to say that you’ve turned your benevolence toward animals because it’s too hard to deal with humans but you have never elaborated on just why it is you feel so strongly that people are awful. Did someone do something to you personally to make you this angry? Or are you just drawing these conclusions based on observations of people around you or those presented by the media? Because those, most times, turn out to be false. I really believe that if you actually get out and interact with people, even ones you find distasteful, you soon come to realize that we are all pretty much the same…that those people want the same things out life that you want…that they aren’t quite as horrible as you first may have thought.

    So Vera, what have you done to try to improve the world around you or make some sort of difference in the human race? Do you feel you succeeded or failed? Because until I understand what it is that has caused you to adopt the view you have toward human kind, you will just continue to come off sounding bitter and resentful…to me at least. Closing yourself off from the world around you and burying your head in the sand by ignoring current issues just because you don’t seem to feel they affect you personally (in which case you are very lucky and in a priviliged minority) is not the answer. It’s just one more aspect of the problem that is currently destroying our once great country.

    Finally, like I said before, this isn’t an attack on you so no need to get all defensive. I would love to hear your answers or discuss it further. Not sure who moderates these comments buy my email is on here.
    And lastly, to all three of you, I listen to a LOT of shows during my workday and this one is BY FAR the best of the bunch! Thanks to all of you for what you do here, these are voices that need to be heard.

  2. I wonder if the rice/flour/wheat scarcity is real. I guess I am a cynic but it just makes me think. And are these retailers are rationing items in order to create a false panic?

    It’s hard to believe anything in the news these days.

  3. LPPH, Vera does close herself to all human interaction. In fact, she (sorry, he) has stated that he goes out of his way to make those in the service sector feel appreciated. Vera is very choosey where he spreads the love. (oh that is too easy)

  4. I laughed so hard at the lishping shession. One of my favorite voices. And I lvoe how Auntie Vera lifts her voice at the end of each line… “I love cheese…” with a lift. CRacKs me up. I would love to know what cartoon voices @VC has done, but I know it’s secretsst.

  5. I think Vera is a good addition. He acts as a buffer between Madge and Wanda, something that wasn’t there before. ETHS is good audio again. Yay!

    I couldn’t look at the Facebook group about Dog Starving either. My stomach actually turned when I read it. It’s never done that with human torture.

  6. Just wanted to comment about the rice/wheat situation. The thing about it is that because rice is what’s known as a “parity product,” its demand does not dictate the price. It’s a staple product in most homes. No matter how much the price spikes, people are still going to pay whatever it takes to buy it.

    Luxury goods, on the other hand, are controlled by classic supply/demand chains.

  7. Love you Vera! Don’t let the bastards bring you down. They’re just afraid of what’s under the veneer. Keep on peeling it back and thank you for keeping it real.

  8. I must admit that I thought Vera was romancing the rag at first, but that “penis goes up…. a friend goes down” was hilarious!

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