ETHS 41: We’re Back!

Wanda and Madge are back with a new cohost, Auntie Vera Charles of

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Internet Queerleberties
Sex at the Gym
Gay Penis Hiding/Burgling
Election -isms
Octopussy vs. Pussy

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38 thoughts on “ETHS 41: We’re Back!”

  1. Thank Godess!

    It’s about fucking time.

    I think Auntie Vera will be a good replacement for all of the dead bodies that she’s probably sitting on that used to sit at the ETHS table.

    I haven’t heard the show yet but I just saw this come across in my iTunes and had to go comment.

    Thanx for coming back ladies — I’ve always like this show.

  2. {clapping} Welcome back, dear Madge and Wanda! And welcome @Vera! I’m so pumped to download your progrum – I’ll listen as I fly to Montreal this weekend! An audio TREAT!

  3. Very nice show ladies.

    Hang in there Auntie Vera — you really held the other end of the envelope open for Madge and Wanda.

    I also dare say that with the new trio, the show, right out of the chute after all of this time, was really on point. The three of you make for really good show chemistry.

    Welcome back.

    Oh yeah — and you still have one of the hottest show theme songs of all time, too.

    Vera is a perfect addition!

    Two Topic Suggestions:

    •Gay Marriage vs Domestic Partners – do we really want to be “married” anyhow?

    •Apathy – why is it so rampant in the gay community – why can’t we find the energy to help ourselves? What “event” would be required to light the fire under our collective asses?

  5. Great show. Vera, I love you, but I think you are WAY off base on the women being the moral compass of society. Maybe in the 50s for 5 minutes. But any woman that is driven for power or fame (such as cheerleaders) are just as ruthless as any man driven for the same thing. Don’t let the cunt fool you, women are men in softer bodies. the only difference is that with every generation they are no longer repressed by men and are able to show their aggression more. OK, bitches. I’ll be listening …

  6. Outstanding show!
    I really didn’t know what to expect. I’m a dedicated fan of Wanda Wisdom, but this site is going to be another quilty pleasure I’m sure!
    Please, keep recording for Eat This Hot Show. I absolutely love it!

  7. Wow, I loved the show, how can you not love this show? …It’s the gay view? lol

    I hope you’ll make another episode soon.. and hopefully we wont have to wait 3 – 6 months to hear it!

    Topic Suggestion:

    •Gay television shows – it seems there is a decline in gay-interest/gay-themed commercial television shows like Will & Grace, Queer As Folk, and The L Word (currently in it’s final season), disregarding some of the depictions of gay people portrayed in these shows, is it important that these shows exist in mainstream commercial television? And is it important that new shows be created?

  8. Holy hell it is about time!

    A. Vera, I knew you were a good addition as soon as gender was addressed because you gave a dissenting voice which I think is important for ETHS.

    I have to side with the old hags of ETHS on this one however cause I strongly believe that gender, like race, is socially constructed. While I don’t think we have even hit the tip of the genetics iceberg, social interactions are always going to be prescribed by the larger social mentality which, as Wanda pointed out, differ transnationally and even between racialized groups.

    And fuck, I died after A. Vera said “They’ll actually get out of the tank and do your laundry.” to which Wanda replied “That’s racist.” DIED, so fucking funny.

    Well done ladies, well done.

  9. I am reticent to leave a comment that is not in some way constructive but I have to say I found Auntie Vera’s defensiveness extremely unsettling.

    As for format I think you have always had a great format. I minimal amount of structure and touching in current events is good. And thanks for another great program. Madge was right, for reasons I dont myself understand, this is my absolute favorite show!

  10. Good to see the show back and Vera fits in perfectly here. I think the reason people like ETHS is the chemistry between the hosts, and you three spark off each other beautifully. Anyway, I enjoyed, especially the gym conversation.

  11. Trickytoro lovie,

    Don’t be reticent. I WAS defensive. I’m sorry you found it unsettling but you try to sit between those two lovely ladies of “opinion” and not be a little defensive!!! Not that I don’t love them both…cause I do. And you too lovie. And all the lovies above who have written very kind things about me and the ladies.

    Thank you all. You make a somewhat timid gal feel accepted.

    Just learning the ropes kisses,

  12. So glad that ETHS is back. Where there is a forum to discuss GLBT and other issues from different points of view. You all are doing a great service to let ideas and opinions be expressed.

    I would like to express my opinion and support of William Sledd. I find him quite brave to be himself and truthful about his thoughts and view of what he knows. Wanda mentioned that she did not like how mainstream media offered him a show because of his stereo typical flamboyances and how it promotes that image to the American society as what gay is. Well there are GLBT people who are flamboyant and effeminate and those are the people who get the most ridicule for being themselves in public. And more exposure may lead to more acceptance from society by being exposed to to it. I say good on him. William is from a town is Kentucky. Like you said Wanda, you may be viewed as a drag queen and people might expect you to be a stereo type, but once they get time to know and hear you, then they can see you are more than that.

    Just about all, if not the main core of William Sledd’s 95,483 YouTube subscribers are from the GLBT community. And he has promoted acceptance and being open and true to ones self and speaking out to the world about their sexuality. If you look past the foundation and his appearance he does have a message, sometimes he’s just having fun and entertaining. But don’t think that he doesn’t get a ton of hate for it. and to get it from his own community is just sad to me.

    Dearest Auntie Vera Charles, I can understand why you are upset with the industry and that there is resentment that this kid might be getting a show when you have studied you’re craft of acting. I believe that your anger is miss directed. William Sledd may have gotten a show, but it is not a show for acting is it. It’s a show based about his life and I know you hate the genre of “Reality TV” but it is another category of entertainment that has become a part of culture.

    Back in the old days they would be called documentaries, except they are all edited to be all dramatic now a days. And in my opinion, if a show has a goal or a prize or a girl/boy/transgender partner to be won. Then those are just elaborate new forms of game shows. The original reality TV shows were about people and how they dealt with life and society. So Auntie Vera, you might be more upset that game shows are so big now than the people that are in them.

    Unexpectedly, I found Madge to be the voice of reason in this show. Trying to see both sides of view. Maybe being a bloated lesbian she has learned a few things 😉

    Now this is just text that I am typing and it can be interpreted in many ways. It is not like you can ask me right away what I mean about what I just wrote. And I can explain it to you instantly in response to clarify. Also I am dyslexic and might have spelled things incorrectly and not in order. Thank Firefox for spell-check 🙂

    Hope to hear more ETHS, because I (we) was starving for it 😛

  13. Really glad you are back. I’ve missed you.

    I wish I could agree with Wanda that gender differences are all cultural. and I’m not going to provide citations. But there is an enourmous amount of science showing that there is indeed some real genetic gender differences in humans. Whatever the facts are in other species, human evolution has its own dynamics.

    Its tremedously appealing to believe gender differences are all culturally based. But a more thorough review of other older cultures shows that this is one of those times were the exception proves the rule. Its very rare to see typical gender roles reversed and it seems to have only happened in unusual conditions.

    So Vera, rock on!!

  14. Fan-fucking-tastic. However at one point I thought dear Vera was going to tell Madge to “get fucked”.

    Love it – keep it going.

    Eiain x

  15. Nice to see you are podcasting again. One note though… It would be nice if you would mark explicit shows with explicit, so I am not caught unaware at work. You recent show had some content that was not clean, so it would be appreciated if you marked it so.

  16. @mr Where do you work? A kindergarten?

    p.s. I just changed the explicit tag to on. It always marked explicit in the past but the wordpress upgrade deleted my podpress settings.

  17. I am SO glad to hear Eat This Hot Show again! Vera is a perfect addition to the show and of course I still LOVE Madge and Wanda. Can’t wait for the next one.

  18. Hey divas,

    I’m *so* glad the show is back…not to beat the dead sex and gender horse, but I think the sticking point seems to be that Vera started the whole thing by claiming a *genetic* difference between men and women, which Wanda and Madge then got around to calling socially constructed.

    The deeper point is that if you’re going to claim a pseudoscientific basis for your opinion, you probably need to have some basic science to back it up. You can have an opinion that’s not supported by anything at all beyond your own view of the world, but don’t claim it’s got any scientific basis.

    You can’t call it genetics if you can’t actually cite something related to genetics.

  19. You were on fire right off the top, without an agenda! That’s what always made the show worth listening to: chemistry…period. Hot topics and such help it along, sure, but I really do simply enjoy listening to the random, rambling, brilliant jibber jabber.

  20. Vera “Dear”,

    Snide condescension aside, while “xx” and “yy” may be useful in determining which one gets a penis and which one gets a vagina, the evidence is wholly inconclusive to the point you were trying to make in the show. Gender differences in personae, communication styles, personality differences, all manner of behavioral traits may (I stress *may*) have a biological component, but that’s far from being absolutely demonstrated yet; don’t claim something is scientific when the science doesn’t (yet) support it.

    And don’t assume the folks who disagree with your arguments are simple idiots who can’t see flawed reasoning when it’s clearly evident.

  21. “don’t claim something is scientific when the science doesn’t (yet) support it.

    And don’t assume the folks who disagree with your arguments are simple idiots who can’t see flawed reasoning when it’s clearly evident.”

    I did and have done neither.

  22. What’s the point of trying to claim that “xx” and “xy” chromosome differences are substantive evidence? Either you’re being pedantic (which IS condescending), or you’re assuming that correlation is causation (which isn’t scientifically valid). The fact that (most of) the men you observe act in one way (and may have one set of chromosomes) and women you observe may act another way (and may have another set of chromosomes) is not *in and of itself* evidence of anything.

    I think you’re probably aware of that, which can really only lead to one conclusion.

    The whole point is that *on the show* you called your anecdotal opinion “genetic” evidence. It’s not that. It’s your opinion, based on personal, subjective experience. Rather than back down from that and admit that you pulled a genetics claim out of thin air, you’d rather try and educate me on chromosome differences, which have yet to be demonstrated to be the root cause of any observed behavior.

    Care to try and tell me again how that’s not condescending?

  23. I’m so glad you ladies talked about those young queers taking over youtube and getting careers out of it. The only real reason people are paying attention to them is because they are young twinks and somebody wants to fuck them.

    It is ageism!!!! I feel as though ageism is the bane of gay culture. Fags think with their dicks and if they can’t fuck it, they don’t want anything to do with it. If they we over thirty nobody would pay any attention to them.

    And Chris Crocker totally stole Ragan Fox’s career. He just dumbed it down to the 10th degree. I hope Ragan will show up someday and hang with you ladies. You were all so beautiful together.

  24. vera is absolutely right–men and women are completely different creatures. for one thing, their hormones are different (men are testosterone-driven, women estrogen-driven, thus the fact that men are demonstrably far more violent than women).

    additionally, we’re wired differently–recent brain-scans of men and women engaged in identical activities or exposed to identical stimuli show that their brains react completely differently to to things like stress, anger, danger, sexual arousal, communication, etc.

    the old saying “men give love to get sex; women give sex to get love” is pretty much dead-on.

    and the reason this is important is because there are too many people trying to go beyond equality for men and women and make them equivalent–and there’s great danger there, because vera was right about something else, too: men have always been the conquerors, but it’s women who have always civilized the men. we’re in danger of losing that because of the idiotic notion that womens’ differences make them “inferior” to men, so those differences must either be denied or eradicated.

    me, i say vive le difference.

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