13 thoughts on “ETHS #40: Podcramp NYC Blow-Out with Bicyclemark AND Lady Raptastic”

  1. Wonderful, wonderful show!! Love the Cheryl, the Wand-turd, and the Madge. Favorite line?? Cheryl cutting to the chase with “Anderson Cooper” as Wanda drags out the story (but still love ya, girl.)

    Hope you keep the shows cummin’ especially since Cheryl is now sperm-anent host.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you! #39 and #40 were both great and really made my day. Your dynamic is still great, and apparently works just fine when you are all face-to-face! Hope Ragan makes an appearance again, but I’ll keep listening no matter what.

  3. Lady Raptastic, your story about your baby dying while you were stuck in a wall was one of the funniest things i’ve heard in a long time. I could barely restrain myself from laughing out loud when listening to your story while at work. If that story was not meant to be funny, then ‘m sorry for your loss.

    ‘* boop * they built a wall around me’

  4. omg i nearly laughed my self to death “then how the fuck can you exsamin your breasts by looking at your cunt” ghrait work you all rock

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