ETHS Give Me Thigh Gap or Give Me DEATH!

We have a VERY fun show this week, but the funniest part can’t be mentioned in the show notes!EAT THIS HOT SHOW ALBUM ART Show Notes:

Ragan seen Oculus
Captain America 2: Chris Evans = hot
3D rant… AGAIN
Ragan loves Jackass Movies
bacon pizza
Ragan’s murderous neighbors
violence in america
terrorism code for we need your oil
capital punishment/gun control hypocrisy
wanda’s hole smoked
mikeypod must hate wanda for posting BACON
madge getting VITAMIX!!!! that her audience bought for her BDAY
and a topic best left out of the show notes! :0
best name ever
women on late night tv
chinese pings

5 thoughts on “ETHS Give Me Thigh Gap or Give Me DEATH!”

  1. While looking for a link for Thalidomide!! A Musical, the British musical made about a normal-handed woman falling in love with a baby-handed man, i found this guy, a baby-handed comedian:

  2. Isn’t the constitution supposed to protect the citizens from their government? What would I need guns for?

  3. wait, what did Madge say at 10:10 (pickle?) a name for Cheryl? The gasps from the other two are priceless! you’ll never tell us, will you?

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