11 thoughts on “ETHS #150 WEUW”

  1. It looks like the link in the RSS feed links to show 149. Or at least when show 150 showed up in my podholder it had the show notes for show 150 with the audio from show 149.

      1. Took a lot of work before I got the right version, with the correct audio. But I suspect a large part of the problems I had was due to Apple’s Podcast player app for iOS. That app is really buggy.

  2. Thought I was losing my mind trying to get this weeks episode. Looks like it’s up-to-date. Can’t wait to listen tomorrow.

  3. Sounds like your mother introduced you too Biltong. South African jerky. Everyone I know who’s tried it says that it’s delicious but I have my doubts..

  4. Re: Vaxers and Anti-Vaxers – I’m glad that here, in Ontario, Canada, we have just legislated that if we don’t get our kids vaccinated – guess what – they can’t go to school. Our Health Minister publicly said that the anti-vaccine stance “is outrageously irresponsible. There is no science to back up [their claims].”

    Ragan: I totally agree with you about Frozen. It is delightfully queer. I love the twists and turns and how it messed with my default assumptions of the Disney fairy-tale formula. And the message is not lost on many non-queers. (first thing my cousin said to me about it when we talked about it – “sisterly love – wonderful” she said). And kids love the movie and the music. When kids love something, I think you have to pay attention because they aren’t yet totally brainwashed by all the hetero-norm nonsense. But I agree with Madge on the music front: the music totally and utterly sucked.

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