ETHS149: Don’t Crimea for Me Argentina!

This show has nothing to do with Crimea, but it seemed like a fun title. Show notes after the break


flight 370 in vagina and meme
giving head for gaga views in west hollyrock
gaga barf
madonna for old queens vs gaga for young queens
paranormal is bullshit?
Phelps death
Nate Silver prophesy for democrats losing senate
ACLU backs daughter Phelps
Nazi resurgence
Minneapolis Nazis
Rio – Violence
comments please
fish eyes
mesh networking/firechat

18 thoughts on “ETHS149: Don’t Crimea for Me Argentina!”

  1. i loved it, made my night. thanks for putting in the time with this show, you gal pals have really changed me loife time after time through these years. all my love babies.
    with peace,
    your greenlove.

  2. Love the show.

    It makes my week every time I see a new episode of ETHS has been downloaded. Please, keep ’em coming.

    Unfortunately I don’t have much add (comment) on this episode since I don’t know that much on the subjects you talked about.

  3. Gals this and every show you squeeze out is as always a pleasure to listen to. I love Madge’s unrelenting Madgeness, Ragan’s Raganity and Wanda’s Wandiliousness.

    I’ve always been greatly entertained and if nothing else I can always rely on you to have a unique view on world events.
    Also re: Phelps death … BBD, BBS!!!!!!!

  4. After hearing Ragan’s CL add i actually searched Lady Gaga’s GUY vid // and i must admit the M/V blew away my expectations (i avoided watchin it for the past few days, thinkin it was goin to be blaagh) // spent 2 hours easy replayin and the song grew on me too!
    best vid of the year. rivaled only by the Walls Fall Out |======D~

  5. Hi girls! I loooove the show. In response to your concerns for audience participation, perhaps the addition of a live chat in conjunction with the show? And you are soooo right, this show has so much potential, and it DESERVES to be seen by a massive amount of people.

  6. Madge: I’ve had this ongoing, i wouldn’t call it an argument, but sort of discussion with Rachel Kahn, and i don’t want to put words in her mouth…
    Ragan: There are enough there already.


  7. Madge hit the nail in the head with her question: “Keith and the Girl has this 9 year thing, where’s my shit?”

    Maybe before “guilt tripping” the audience (all of whom love you), you should ask yourselves, what are you doing to encourage audience participation?

  8. I’ve enjoyed every episode of eths.
    All of your efforts do not go unappreciated.
    My apologies for being selfish in never leaving a comment in all these years. I love every aspect of the show.
    I think a rotating guest chair is a great idea, but also love when it’s just the 3 of you.
    I think it may do well to ask listeners to interact if there is one place we can funnel are interactions into, rather than spread the love over a multitude of social media.
    Thank you all for what you do.

  9. From what I’ve heard, Turkish president Gül didn’t have Twitter unblocked, he was doing what many others were doing in Turkey (there are graphs that show that Turkish Twitter-usage has reached exponential numbers after the shut-down out there), which is using proxy or alternative DNS servers to bypass prime minister Erdogan’s ban (he since has also had YouTube blocked btw)
    Elections are today in Turkey.

  10. I’ve not missed a show in how long has it been? Eight or nine years? We’ve grown old together you and I. Now about cable versus antennae…Special K and I got rid of our cable years ago in favour of the antennae and purchased a digital ready flatscreen. Once the signal comes in off the air, you are right Madge, it is much better quality than cable. That is absolutely a function of the way cable delivers the signal. In a word: degraded! Stick with the antennie as long as live in a good location (since ota depends on how easy it is to get an unimpeded signal). And what do we all need to pay the cable companies anyway now that you can stream from the internet and your own local drives?

    (from over the air FAQ: “Data compression is used by cable and satellite providers. This allows them to offer you many channels but the compression will result in compromised picture quality. Off-air antenna reception is the best way to enjoy digital programs at the full resolution the TV networks intended since no compression of signal occurs prior to you receiving it.” –

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