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  1. If that UC-professor got to publish his antisemitic hypotheses in peer-reviewed journals, I would start questioning the process of peer-review as a measure to ensure quality in academic publishing in general…

  2. Madge mentioned she enjoyed “Veep,” at least partially for the swearing on that show. I just thought I’d mention the British show “The Thick of It,” which has the same show runner/creator as “Veep,” Armando Iannucci, (not sure about the spelling there.) And there’s also a spin off movie “In the Loop.” In both “The Thick of It,” and “In the Loop,” there’s a character called Malcolm Tucker, played brilliantly by Peter Capaldi, (the new Doctor Who.) Malcolm Tucker is the British Prime Minister’s spin doctor and spends large amounts of each episode, as well as the movie, cussing people out either over the phone or in person, and he’s very funny while doing it. The language on “Veep” is mild by comparison.

    Anna Chlumsky, who is on “Veep,” is also in “In the Loop,” but plays a different character. Most of the actors from “The Thick of It” is also in the movie, but playing different roles than the TV-show. Only exception is Peter Capaldi who plays the same role. I think that “Veep” was in early planning stages when they made the movie and that they may have intended to have more actors from the movie get roles on “Veep,” but only Chlumsky seems to have made it, as it were.

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