7 thoughts on “ETHS #137 Government Shutdown”

  1. I like the recurring segment with failure guest hosts and how everyone episode someone mentions Wanda’s prior weight issues. I’m really sorry about your high-five mess, Madge. On a scale from cornsilk white to Navajo white I give this a lavender blush-white. Very nice hearing about Madge’s spiraling, Ragan’s correct 3D h8, and Wanda’s weekend slave workers of color.

  2. I’ve recently started going back to school, and I’ve been terrified after all of these stories Madge has been telling about weird group-forming activities. So you can imagine how relieved I was to find out that we’re not doing anything of that kind. Must be an American thing…

  3. I can’t wait for the 3D conversion of “My Dinner With André” That’s a movie that REALLY NEEDS to be in 3D.

    Kidding aside, though, I am so tired of 3D.

    Four years ago I went to Stockholm (I live about 50 miles away) to see “Avatar” in 3D, back when 3D was the new big thing and the local cinema didn’t show movies in 3D. Since then the local cinema has started with 3D and quite often will ONLY show the 3D version of some movies so I end up having to go to Stockholm in order to see the 2D version.

    The only reason I saw “Transformers 3 – Dark of the Moon” (Really retarded subtitle for a really retarded movie) to test the theory I had: That even though the movie was in 3D the characters would still be two-dimensional. I was proven right.

    Love the show ladies!

  4. Wanda, thank you for cutting off that apple chat quick. That could have gone poorly. Siri-ously, I’m sick of hearing Madge and Ragan’s siri ramble on stupidly. We get it. Siri is a dumb product. Move on.

    RE: The YOLO thing. My friends and I were discussing it, and came to the conclusion that people are stupid. If you only live once, wouldn’t you want to do things that make sure your one life actually LASTA for any length of time? Like, “YOLO, so I wore a condom,” or “YOLO, so I put on my seatbelt when I got into the car,” or even “YOLO, so I eat sensibly and exercise.”

    Ragan, thanks for clarifying the Washington Shooter issue. The reporting has been bugging me, because they make it out like the lady behind the wheel of the car was some kind of crazy person with a gun, shooting up the whole place, when in reality the ones with the guns were the cops. What I don’t get is why, if they had guns on her, they couldn’t just shoot out the tyres and take her in for questioning or something.

    And that’s the infuriating thing about that whole bullshit “culture of life” that the republicans keep talking about. They’re only concerned when you’re in the mother’s uterus. The second you leave, fuck you and die.

    Madge, I love it when you talk politics, because your insights are always … insightful (sorry, my English is failing me hard). I especially am nodding along furiously when you rant about the stupidity of the government.

  5. I’m pretty happy the guest hosts can’t figure out how to use Skype. I think you’ve got a good dynamic that doesn’t need any shaking up. The three of you have known each other for a long time now, making almost any guest host feel very much on the outside. However, weekly celebrity wrap-ups by Ms. Mercowsk would be most welcomed.

    Also, I enjoy hearing Wanda say ‘brah’ as much as when Ragan says ‘civil rights’. More of that please.

    Are you guys excited for Halloween? I’m going to trick-or-treating with my brother in Algonquin. His name is Charles, but his name is Lance. I miss you, brother. Are you reading this? Can you come back to me? Please, brother?

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