6 thoughts on “ETHS 136 What’s Happening?”

  1. The first solid minute I thought the guest was Rachel Kann, haha. Hope you have her back sometime…
    This is my absolute favorite show on earth, I listen to past episodes whenever I have nothing to do.

  2. Pd:
    -Great job, tranny guest.
    -The iTunes Gaga concert was flawless and the songs are actually very good; synth pop, electro, some alt rock aaaand hip-hop, you know as EVERYTHING MADGE PLAYS IN HER MIXES?. If you didn’t automtically hated it sight unseen, you would’ve actually enjoyed it.

  3. It’s hard for me as a European to imagine that you have to pay $600 monthly for health insurance…
    As flawed as our system is, I still am glad that we just pay a certain percentage of our income rather than an estimated number based on my personal health risk.

  4. These IPHONE problem tech discussions, totally not connected to it. I don’t get it. You ladies seem way too dependent on these weuw-hoo pieces of gadgetry. I think the big secret is you can still succeed without a brand name (and apparently one with terrible service) attached to your hip. Seems a little elitist naidseses or something. Let it heal!!

    Love that you had a guest. Great conversations as usual. Gay rights pendulum slapping us all in the face. I am a younger gay man and I have never felt the need to go to a gay bar to find comaraderie or love. Usually, that’s the last place I would look- in my city most of them are filled with bottom-of-the-barrel messes anyway. I think the more accepted gays are, the more apparently diversified the “culture” is. So you see a lot more gay people who aren’t interested in the “paris is burning” culture or don’t even feel the need to have a culture based on their sexual identity at all.
    I feel very assimilated into mainstream society and never had hugely negative experiences or feelings surrounding my homosexuality, which probably correlates with my lack of want for gay culture.

    On a scale of ashen white to summer-milk white I give this episode a palm-coast pale white.

  5. Loved the disappearance of the gay bar convo. I also think invoking a conversation about economics and gentrification is helpful. As a rule the men who have the $ to open bars are usually opening them for the wrong reasons and are nightmarish to work for. Of course there are anomalies that break every rule. The book Times Square Red, Times Square Blue draws a connection between urban centers and the promise of sex or cruising which draws from the periphery and small towns and gay liberation and the bookstores and businesses this supports which in turn make political momentum possible. Sadly though this progress also accelerates gentrification (gay or straight) and then you have $20k/month storefront rents. Couple that with the explosion of online life and voila, struggling bar culture.

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