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  1. Absolutely loved the new grum ladies. Very thrilled that it’s back and running regularly.

    Re. the pharmaceutical discussion. I think it was Wanda that said increased drug prescriptions come down to a lot of different factors, but there’s one salient detail that you might not realize because you’re all Americans. The US is one of only 2 countries (yes 2) that allows direct to consumer prescription drug advertising. The only other country that allows this is New Zealand. Every other country in the world considers it harmful.

  2. I love how you guys go over the hour now, the show is such good quality that I don’t even notice the extra time. Even though a lot of the time you may not believe the show is any good yourselves, it keeps us coming back for more. Thank you and up the good work. Will donate again when I get a job, pinky promise!

  3. looking from outside (europe), i have the impression that us is very drug-dependent environment. medications permeate heavily even your popular culture (much of that is also a form of advertising). the simple reason behind it is that you got cornered by your greedy pharmaceutical industry, left from the government to fend for yourself, as individuals. scary shit.

  4. Interesting point from uros.

    What I missed in your conversation was a gender aspect with psychiatric medication. Apparently, twice as many women take antidepressants than men, at least in the US. I find it hard to believe that women generally have a higher tendency for psychiatric illnesses. Or is it that women just have a higher tendency to seek treatment for their depressions than men?

  5. Quinquin: Very good points. I have a scholarly essay coming in 2014 that traces the femininized roots of hysteria as it relates to women and gay men. Throughout history, masculinity and heterosexuality have been associated with rationality and femininity and homosexuality with irrationality/hysteria/emotionality. The gendered aspects of alleged mental illness are fascinating, which isn’t to say all mental illness is a shame but there’s certainly a discursively produced, gendered aspect to it’s misdiagnosis.

  6. @Ragan: Thanks for your reply, this sounds very interesting. I remember a conversation about that subject on Yeast Radio a couple of years ago, I believe it was with you and Rachel Kann.
    I’d love to read your article once it’s published, maybe I’ll eventually be able to access it through my Alma Mater.

  7. Fabulous discussion re: pharmaceuticals. In the past I may or may not be guilty of having taken adderall instrumentally and recreationally. When I was at Santa Cruz for undergrad (which is such a druggy pothead school anyway and imagine what the art college was like, they host an annual 4/20 festival in their meadow that is attended by thousands) one could buy them for around $2 or $3 and study for 6-8 hours into the wee hours. I had to revise/start from scratch a 20 page paper for a class I hated. I think I wrote that going 48 hrs straight. Anywho, this is a complex and fascinating discussion. We could spend an hour alone on the ways personal desire is a sick mechanism of our capitalist economy and tie that into the medication discussion (ADD in children due to presence of screens etc). I think its much worse in countries like Britain or Japan, alarmingly so. The documentary, Your Soul Has a Cold is super disturbing!

    Thanks for the longer shows and insightful discussion. Every second is much appreciated!

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