4 thoughts on “ETHS #133 Blight Sized Media (Trafic Shaping for P&G)”

  1. unfortunately madge, i dont think there is a “business model” for podcasting. those who are willing to sit and listen to 30 min, 1 hour, or 2 hour long audio shows are already listening or havent been born yet. the majority of people i explain podcasts to are not interested. i believe we (the US) are living in the ADHD generation, in which a conversation lasting more than a minute or 2 on a specific subject is boring (e.g. Syria, Snowden, vaginal discharge).

  2. Whores – I am considering taking medications to see if they can help with my crippling anxiety and heard u cunts mention your favorites – I cannot tell if your being serious when discussing, would you recommend? I am wary of becoming dependent or retarded such as yourselves.

  3. Damn, gurls, please don’t tell me there’s a show out there that has Lady Bunny and Ms Coco Peru and then tell me not to listen to it. I’m pretty sure that’s considered torture by the UN (like tasing).

    I guess that ends all my hopes for you to bring Lady Bunny back on the show to talk about Syria or the whole NSA-mishegas.

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