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  1. When Ragan said he fixates on moles, I just got a mental image of him as Austin Powers in “Goldmember”, harassing that agent for the mole on his cheek.

    Every time a new episode of ETHS downloads, that just makes my week. Love you all.

  2. Madge– I find all that team-building shit to be sooooo cringeworthy, too. Just think of it as a means to an end. (That’s how I’ve had to view a lot of shit in my life.)

    So glad that there are gays out there who see through Lady Gaga. I don’t hate her, but I think she’s such a fraud. It’s one thing to be supportive of the LGBT community; it’s something entirely different to build your career and success around it. I’ll take the support of divas like Dolly Parton and Cher any day because their art doesn’t have to be all about pandering to a community.

    So glad to hear the three of you (h)White Laydeez™®© in one (virtual) room together.

  3. so glad your show is back and you three are back together. of course madge should continue to do her show as often as possible so we can enjoy her special brand of intelligent inquiry too.

    the only thing that would be even more delicious than this podcast is having Auntie Vera make an appearance! That would make your listeners even more moist down there!

  4. Comment, comment, comment. Sorry for not commenting before this but none of my podcast clients allow commenting and I am rarely on any device that allows me to load the website correctly.

    Really good show, thanks for all the hard work. Can you give some more notice before you do a live show because I’d love to take part in the chat room. But its usually at 3 or 4 am, my time. I really want to see one, I will ram myself full of coffee and poppers if I have to.

  5. Thanks for another great episode!

    I seem to remember Madge talking about how gays are now being attacked even in Amsterdam, and I feel inclined to comment on this.

    Madge only mentioned this briefly, and I’m not sure what her understanding of the situation is, so I might not be bringing anything new to the table. Anyway, many non-Europeans seem to think that the increasing number of gay bashings across the EU is a backlash against pro-LGBT legislation in recent years, and symptomatic of a shift in the public acceptance of LGBT people. This is not the case, as the vast majority of hate crimes against LGBT people here in Amsterdam are committed by Muslim immigrant youths. This over-representation can be observed in other European countries as well.

    Sweden, which along with Holland, also belongs to the gay-friendliest countries on this planet, has seen a spike in hate crimes against LGBT people too, and the perpetrators are largely Muslim youths. And it’s not just the gays that are attacked. Anti-Semitic hate crimes have increased dramatically in many nations across the continent: the Simon Wiesenthal Center even issued a travel warning telling Jews to avoid going to Malmo — Sweden’s third most populous city, and home to a great number of Muslim immigrants. Ambush rape statistics have also skyrocketed in some states, notably Norway and Sweden. Violent hate crimes directed at the “original population”, where people are singled out and attacked for simply being Western, or young girls are assaulted for dressing too provocatively, are also on the rise.

    So yes, Europe is definitely becoming a much scarier place to live in. The scariest thing about it all is that there is no public debate about these matters in many EU countries, because touching the subject at all would be terribly racist and islamophobic. We have been taught to be so tolerant that we now are ready to tolerate the most horrid forms of intolerance.

    Of course it is not my intention to portray all Muslims as criminals. However, these crimes often seem to be committed based on an ideological foundation of Muslim supremacy, which I find too alarming to simply overlook in the name of multiculturalism.

    Lots of love from Amsterdam





  6. Oh Ragan baby, you be makin me spit my kool-aid all over my keyboard when you be sayin that Lady Gaga be so damn ugly baby. Anyway iI be so glad to be listenin to you skinny bitches again baby. I be gettin moist and be playin wit my pussy wit my long fanger nails every time a new episode be coming out baby. Ya’ll be keepin up the good work babies Wit love from you auntie puddin……….BABY!!!!!!

  7. without any wish to ride a dead horse, i would like to add this: i live in austria, and i don’t know situation in other eu countries but here it’s not very pleasant to be a muslim. they face tremendous amount of prejudice in everyday life. so, they have it worse than all other migrant groups, which all face prejudice. and one more thing, right is on the rise in europe, especially with the economic crisis: look at greece hungary, the populist vitriolic discourse all around… (austria not excluded). sweden has a strong right scene, i think. tolerant denmark had a rightist government before last elections. and so on…

  8. Loving the shows now that they are back! Will make sure to comment so you know we are listening. All caught up on Madge’s team building nightmares now mostly.

  9. Madge asked where the extreme Russian homophobia comes from. I recently read an interesting article that stated that it roots in a law that Stalin passed in 1933 that criminalized homosexuality, whereas after the revolution the Bolshevik tolerated consensual MSM. Eventually, Yeltsin quietly abolished Stalin’s law in 1993 in order to make it possible for Russia to join the Council of Europe, but because there was no public debate about the subject at the time, the homophobic sentiment along with all sorts of stereotypes that have grown within society for 60 years have’t really been discussed and targeted.
    Putin now uses the prejudice I would assume to unify the people by creating a bogeyman, like Wanda mentioned.
    I can look up the link to the article if you want, but it was in German…

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