5 thoughts on “ETHS #130 SCHPACERS!”

  1. homo-nationalism was greatly propelled by such issues as allowing LGBT people to serve openly in the army. hurray! now you, as a gay person, have an equal right to kill off some poor bastards for the sake of the military industry of the USA and partake in the shitty American foreign policy fueled by war for the last 50 years. lady bunny is a rare voice of critique in this respect – kudos to her!

  2. I would agree with Ragan’s argument why we identify so much with the LGBT’s struggle in Russia because they “look like us”, but I think another reason why we probably are more outraged about the Russian law in comparison with countries like Uganda is that there’s a backlash happening, that the civil rights movement is actually moving backwards there, rather than forward, and that there is a fear of a similar backlash in our western countries. Furthermore, along with (and probably because of) the legislative repression, approval ratings for equality for LGBT within the Russian society are dropping (from 51% in 2005 to 39% in 2013).

  3. I’m loving the deep socio-political discussions. ETHS has become my PBS Newshour. Glad I could contribute to the discussion on homonationalism. I don’t know if this was underlined or not but I read it as a bad thing like nationalism. Uros’ comment is spot on. I’ve observed some homonationalism around the Bradley Manning case. CNN kept running pics of him in drag. I’ve heard him referred to as a cross-dresser. All ways of portraying him as damaged or queer or different from what’s normal.

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