7 thoughts on “ETHS on Hiatus until September”

  1. Um, I don’t wanna nag, but didn’t Wanda tweet about recording a new episode just a few days ago? Not that you wouldn’t deserve a break, but I hope it really will be temporary… It’s just so soon- after the change.

  2. September is such a long time! Well, not really, July is half over then its next month. Have a great Summer and let’s hope the republicunts don’t fuck up the world between now and September

  3. I hope you will be coming back in September. Have a nice break to recharge. I don’t know what happened but I hope Vera comes back.

  4. No! I love this show! Ragan just came back…. But I know you ladies need a rest. September, though, I want to hear all of you talking like little gurls….

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