9 thoughts on “Eat This Hot Show #112: TIME OUT!”

  1. “Dating a 70 year old is like being at the opera all the time. You’re 40 and you’re the youngest person there.”

    –Madge Weinstein.


  2. I had heard the fish were killed because Vera went swimming and her vagina seepage poisoned them.

    No?!?!?!? 🙂

    Only Love!


  3. Gawd, Wanda, you of all people should not get your divas mixed up, I mean you run a Divatería after all… This reminds me of when Auntie Vera got her Oz’ian witches all mixed up…

  4. I can’t stand it how much I enjoy listening to you three banter. DAMMIT. “DO YOU LIKE ANYTHING, MADGE?” Wanda queries.

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