6 thoughts on “Eat This Hot Show #111: The Stupid Bitch Report”

  1. a quick note on the Snyder v. Phelps (Westboro Baptist Church) Supreme Court decision and proximity issues you touched upon. Since local laws were not violated, then only free speech was left to consider. Local laws keeping their demonstration 1000 ft from the funeral were obeyed, and their federal free speech rights, however unpopular, were protected. The Phelps’ are careful not to violate local laws…but boy have they pushed the envelope!

  2. Madge, I really like the stories you tell in this episode. I love the glimpses we get into the bloopers of your current profession and there’s something like a peeping-tom pleasure to learning these secrets about porn. This episode though was a little tempered because it goes into the third-world porn industry, etc. I like that you continued so that the guys could get paid.

    Could you include links to some content that can be made available? I have that kind of morbid curiosity.

  3. This was an amazing show and I loved the “hole” (sorry could not resist with the topic of porn being discussed) airline bit…

    I do find it absolutely fucked up beyond belief that the cost for taking a pet, either in the cabin or the cargo hold, would be more than a seat. That is beyond fucked up. Going to have to bring that up at my company and make sure that doesn’t happen ever.

    As for the Emergency exit row bit —- ok one thing people tend to over look is that the over-wing exit might possibly be the only available exit so we need to make sure it will be opened and accessible…

    Up here where I live we actually have to brief the person on the operation and what to do – not just ask if they are cool with being there like what I have seen happen down there where you live…

    Consider this, would you trust a flight attendant in a cast to save your ass in a burning aircraft?

    That is why I am fighting to keep my job with the airline right now actually – because of my injury I am not able to perform the duties as would be required in case of an emergency…

    And back on that window exit being the only available exit, bitch you better make sure you can get your ass through there when I get there – or that will be my boot on the back of your head! 😉


  4. I don’t mean this comment to be any sort of indictment as I myself have slaved in the porn world as everything from shipping clerk to editor but, I needed a rape shower after hearing about the trips to Caribbean to recruit “talent.”

  5. Felt so special to have my comment discussed! Love you guys!

    I like it when Madge loses her temper at Vera, even in jest. Lol


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