8 thoughts on “ETHS 55: NO PANTY DAY!”

  1. Vera, I’m not sure what the joke was in there but as a person of partial Polish descent as well as being a recovering former Catholic, I feel the need to ask you, have you ever seen the Niagara River?! It is NOT something anyone in their right mind would jump into! Wide, deep, full of rocks and with an incredibly swift current that will sweep you away in seconds only to flush you out over one of the world’s most spectacular waterfalls and most likely your death…I can tell you that the child who fell in was pretty much a goner the second she hit the water.
    But congrats on the wedding anyway!

    Madge, your comments regardign HGB are spot-on. This woman maintains a legacy of being so forward thinking and yet to hear her spout this garbage is mind-boggling.

    Wanda, you are a beautiful person. Sorry, I just felt the need to address you too so you didn’t feel left out.

  2. I second your remark on the Polish joke, La Pequeña Patty Hearst!
    Vera is a cunt, however, an amiable cunt.

    Congratulations on the wedding, Vera!
    Mine was in the end of July.
    In a Catholic Church.
    In Poland.
    No one drowned.

  3. I come at the HGB audio from a completely different slant. To me, her voice is full of irony and condescension, making the man look inane and bumbling.

  4. Oh, by the way, the ETHS pic on iTunes is the old one with Ragan and references “Fox, Weinstein, Wisdom.”

  5. Does Black V have her own cartoon?

    I really enjoyed the discussions in the showgrum. I can always count on the ladies to provide intelligent and fascinating content.

    [signed, a gentle audience member, gal pal and precious lovie]

  6. Loved hearing Madge’s stories about confronting stupid drivers. I don’t bicycle but the same goes for pedestrians in crosswalks. The last time I had a shouting match with a driver, the lady yelled, I’m gonna get you!” Haven’t seen her since but it took me days to recover. Also pounded on a male naval officer’s car to get his attention because he was cutting me off from crossing on a very short green light. I don’t think anyone had ever done that to him before, judging by his reaction. He probably still remembers it.

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