ETHS #54 There’s a Strange Exhilaration in Such Total Detestation

This is possibly our best show yet.
We start off laughing and carrying on in a lighthearted way and then it comes to a screeching bitter mean angry halt!

NOTE: This show will surely attract flames and trolls in the comments, neither of which will be approved.


24 thoughts on “ETHS #54 There’s a Strange Exhilaration in Such Total Detestation”

  1. Call me retarded…please, but did the really heated part get edited out? This “fight” pales in comparison to the one you two had over voting. However I really enjoyed the long silence that was punctuated by the sound of Madge rocking in her squeaky chair or perhaps she was just adjusting her lyps(?)

  2. I haven’t heard this yet but I already have friends telling me there was ‘a meltdown.’

    Keeping Vera on board certainly makes the show interesting. I can’t wait to hear it.

  3. Please do not refer to this show as a train wreck. This show was a nuclear disaster! It is not perfectly normal! This is NOT a test of the emergency alert system. Take shelter, NOW!

  4. I love how the tagline for ETHS is “like the view only less annoying.” I’m not saying ETHS is annoying I’m just saying there are some real bitchy queens all up in here gettin into some serious bitch fights. I love it.

  5. Get over your ego.

    You all love and care for each other.

    Others should stop trying to conjure up more shit.

    Things like this happen between friends.

  6. Excellent show ladies! the tension makes for excellent listening. i very much enjoy listening to real conversations, no matter how awkward.

  7. A decent show, this one, but I believe you three do a great job with conversation so the melt down was kind of a distraction. After all of the hype about the drama on other shows, I realize that you three don’t realize how good you normally are.

  8. I believe my comment was deleted. That is rude. I agree with the above commek by La Pequeña Patty Hearst aboot the chair squeek… twas halair.

    I won’t say anything about AVC this time, least it should be deleted again.

  9. Good episode, but given the hype I felt a little let down by what turned out to be a brief squabble. I was expecting an honest-to-God meltdown, and it was just snippy. Still fun, love this format, and I listen to every episode!

  10. deliciously appropriate article, admin! they must’ve used cheryl as a source for this piece, no?

    Mylenek confirmed rumors that he will be momentarily sidetracked by another inane task while drafting his comment. The distraction is scheduled to come at 2:25 a.m. in the form of a “related video” link featuring a man being sodomized by a horse, which Mylenek will re-watch seven times and laugh obnoxiously at with his friend and fellow idiot, Steve Blanchette, 28.

    “Once this minor diversion is complete, I will finish posting my comment, then sit there like the worthless human being I am and wait for other commenters to respond,” he added. “Because, as I mentioned before, I have nothing better to do with my life.”

  11. I’ve been listening to Madge long enough to know when she’s delivering a truly important topic as opposed to something she’s less passionate about where irrelevant interruptions are tolerated, but I can’t fault Vera for inserting the smart ass comments given the forum. Let’s call it a draw, yes?

    Great show, keep ’em coming ’cause we love you all!!

    (notice I’ve stop making pleas for the Rills. Just bring her on Yeast Radio now and then.)

  12. Wow. Someone was able to get under Madge’s skin and render her speechless.

    I don’t care what they say about you, Vera. You don’t suck at all. 🙂

    Loved this epi. Has got to be the best so far!

    BTW, “Where are my fuckin’ pills?”

  13. It was the moment among friends when someone offends someone and an awkwardness ensues, but it is fine because the friendships are strong enough to handle it and move on.


  14. I loved some of the topics on this episode. I really appreciated the topic on globalization and the rising cost of fuel. I have also read articles discussing the potential for a decline in goods coming from Asia and the North American re-patriation of some manufacturing industries. I still think we won’t see many of those jobs come back to North America right away if at all. It may take years without taking into account the cost of fuel may increase or decrease in the future because of global political and enviromental issues. Plus, some of these jobs may choose to re-patriate in different areas of North America such as Mexico or new provinces and states in Canada and America where there are growth or growth potential. ANYWAY! What I’m trying to say is I loved this topic 🙂

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