11 thoughts on “ETHS #47: I’m Okay, You’re Ug-lay”

  1. Part of me thinks Vera wishes someone WOULD try to come after her dog so she could incapacitate them with a baseball bat.
    I bet Vera even baits people into attacking by taking her dog out on a leash in public.
    Don’t worry Vera, I’m sure someone, somewhere someday will fulfill your deep seated desire. Better have that bat handy!

  2. Madge, you explained why you hate LA, but why do you hate El Paso? Also, did you eat at Chico’s Tacos during your “visit” in El Paso?

  3. Loved the episode. A wonderfully dark mood that was the perfect compliment to a dark overcast stormy day here in the Northeast. Wanda, I completely agree about the speculative investing; the Saudi minister just said it the other day after our jackass Energy Secretary Bodman tried to repeat Bush mantra that it was a supply and demand thing. According to the Saudi’s they’re covering demand and can increase output as needed. On Wikipedia it said Saudi Arabia and possibly OPEC, et al, have enough oil for the next 80 years, which covers most or almost all of our lifetimes. The U.S. has enough oil shale for 110 years but the technology needs to be developed. All of this hype is so investors and oil companies can get rich off the blood sweat and tears of low and middle class folks who are struggling more than ever to make ends meet. Stop the Insanity!!!

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