10 thoughts on “ETHS #46: Eat This Hot Depressive Episode”

  1. Really good point about the racism. I’d liek to think we can celebrate our differences but unfortunately, people are too stupid to be able to handle it — even if it’s a complement.

  2. Since when is racial humor not allowed/appreciated on ETHS? I seem to recall the time you guys had Criffy, oh excuse me, Cliffy on way back. And Ragan was a big fan of the racial humor, asian degradation humor.

    Thank you Madge for bringing up the Implicit Association Test which fleshes out nuances which is how most racism manifests itself. The conversation up to that point was making me pull my hair out.

    It sounds like Vera is for equal opportunity unless it effects his pocket book. Focusing on affirmative action negates the larger picture which is one in which people of color have limited opportunities period.

    Vera the reason the prisons are full of blacks and mexicans is because if you’re a person of color your access to good legal representation is not as great as a white person. Additionally you’re going to serve disproportionatally longer sentences as well, based on nothing other than your skin color. If you’re a woman god help you cause you’ll be even more disenfranchised and serve even longer prison terms. Look at the cocaine example. Since 1988, possession of five grams of crack cocaine – an amount equal to five packets of sugar substitute – landed a person in jail for five years. But people caught with cocaine powder would have to possess 100 times that amount, or 500 grams, to get the same five-year stint behind bars. And, which color group uses the crack and which the cocaine do you think?

  3. I wish someone had brought up, during the discussion of political correctness in casting, the “Brokeback Mountain” discussions on earlier shows of ETHS. Back then, there was a lot of screaming and moaning about straight actors being cast to play gay characters.

  4. Yes, when you gonna do another? I liked this one but I gotta get my fix and need my next dose. You all work so well together.

  5. Boy, Madge IS depressed, and Wanda provided that ever-jocular balance. She’s one smart single, sober, drag queen! Great discussion on racism.

    And now my plea for ugly Cheryl to be next week’s guest host. GET THE RILLS IN THERE!!! I always love the dynamic of Madge, Wanda, and the queen ass-cunt herself.

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