ETHS #3: Cavalcade of Crazies

Wanda Wisdom hosts the third installment of our delicious new show! She and the other four gorgeous gals of podcasting wax retarded this week on dating tips, traveling, filling spiritual holes, and oh-so-much more!

‘Eat This Hot Show’ is a queercast collaboration of Marc Felion & Fausto Fernos, Ragan Fox, Madge Weinstein, and Wanda Wisdom. It is a weekly show in which each of us takes turn deciding the format of the show. Feedback is welcome. Thanks for listening!

Coming next week: Ragan Fox drives the short bus!

12 thoughts on “ETHS #3: Cavalcade of Crazies”

  1. Thank you for your last podcast I think you’d be interested to learn that:

    A small quantity of fart-gas in the palm of the hands and then deposited in a person’s face is known as a “cupcake”.*

    *taken from Roger’s profanisaurus

    Yours faithfully,

    Straight Chris

  2. Why does this happen each time I post?

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  3. Great show, ladies. Wanda really did a good job of personalizing the show, making it a lot more accesible to the audience without falling into a lockstep outline.

    My favorite new segment was at the end where everyone gave a preview of what’s to come next week in their individual shows.

    Thanks gals for inspiring me to do my own podcast, “AustinExhaustion”. If you want to check it out, here’s the feed becasue it’s not up on iTunes yet:

  4. Great show…and I *think* the advice section was legitimate…or at least my personal perspective is as bent as yours. Either way.

  5. Hey guys,

    I’m still new to the show, and the whole podcasting world in general. I just wanted to say I love your shows! I did have one quick question – I notice that your theme music for ETHS was a remix from a Hedvig and the Angry Inch song – where can I find it!? Please tell me!!!

    Love ya!

  6. Amanda:

    The song is from a CD of covers of the Hedwig songs called “Wig in a Box.” The group is Imperial Teen. It’s available on Amazon and iTunes Music Store.

    Just a little helpful info from a ETHS and Hedwig fan.

  7. Thank you Chris for the meat raffle link. I still think its just nuts. But look forward to one sometime on this show or the Omaha staeks anyone?

  8. Thank you Chris for the meat raffle link. I still think its just nuts. But look forward to one sometime on this show or the FeastofFools. Omaha steaks anyone?

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