ETHS #2 – Nature of the Beast – 07.18.05

Fausto Fernos hosted show number two of Eat This Hot show.

Sardonic talk on Bisexuality, the controversial nature of humor, encouraging critical thinking, Sandra Day O’Connor, and our celebrity of the week.

Eat This Hot Show is a Queercast collaboration of Marc Felion & Fausto Fernos, Ragan Fox, Madge Weinstein, and Wanda Wisdom. It is a weekly show in which each of us takes turn deciding the format of the show. Feedback is welcome. Thanks for listening!

Coming next week: Wanda Wisdom hosts, dating tips and reclaiming your inner spirit.

20 thoughts on “ETHS #2 – Nature of the Beast – 07.18.05”

  1. Wow Madge..this taking a really long time to download (60.5 KB/sec) and I am on a cable broadband line.

  2. Great show! Your personalities mesh (clash) perfectly! You’ve got me hooked. I’m also impressed at the audio quality, although the unemployed Ms. Wisdom should look into a new mic after she gets a job.

    Keep it up!

  3. Download took about 15 minutes. LIstened to the show.

    Very insightful and entertaining discussion. I was able to see some different points of view. I enjoyed the flow of this show. Your “true” personalities seemed to come through. All of you seemed more relaxed.

    Interestingly and strangely enough, Designing Women kept popping in my head throughout the show.

    Julia Sugarbaker = Ragan Fox

    Suzanne Sugarbaker = Fausto

    Charlene Frazier = Wanda (this was dead on!!!)

    Mary Jo Shively = Marc

    Bernice Clifton (Bernice!) = Madge

    Great show girls!


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  5. Fucking awesome show! Much, much better than last week’s – one of the best things you guys have done. Intelligent, thought-provoking funny discussion instead of dull, Wanda-bashing. Excellent.

    Re: “truth” about bisexuality test bullshit – shouldn’t the scientests be putting more money into cancer or AIDS research instead of trying to dispell sexual orientations? It’s pathetic!

  6. The first part of this show, including some of the opinions expressed therein, was extremely offensive to me. To hear the same close mindedness coming out of two podcasters on the show in particular reminds me so much of the same thing coming out of people who do not accept the GLBT community in general.

    As a bisexual male, to be told “I don’t exist,” and then have somebody say “you’re gay, just deal with it” as one said on today’s show — is ridiculous. Using porn as an example is equally ridiculous as both Madge and Ragan pointed out. Just because somebody doesn’t respond to pornography doesn’t mean it would be true in real life.

    For example — much ado is made about lesbians. I personally have no interest in viewing lesbian porn. However, seeing two women IN PERSON kiss — i find it kind of hot.

    I agree with Madge… it probably was some “bitter libresbian” doing this study. Absolutely worthless.

    On a more positive note … LOL — Wanda is so positive it is disgusting!

  7. Loved the show! Jason — my audio problems will be fixed starting with next week’s show! Yay! Oh, and why would my trackbacks show up as a comment… Hmm…

  8. I think that the Chaplin quote is:

    “Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain.”


    “Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.”

    Maybe you are quoting the Robert Downey Jr. movie “Chaplin”.

  9. The Eat This Hot Show cast/comentators are going to ruin their collective reputations…..Bravo to the group for a great and intelligent discussion regarding Madge’s Question regarding America and critical thanking.

  10. I have just listened to your July 11th Show. My comment is about the abortion topic. I don’t remember who said this but the comment has always stayed with me. “Somethings are just to important not to make fun of.” I get what Ragan was saying in his abortion cast and thought it was funny. I love the show and I subscript to each of your shows. You guys are just great. Because of you guys I have stated my own cast. Keep it going. Thanks. Signed, Just a little Evel

  11. Certainly the Bisexual study leaves much to be desired. If some study told me I didnt exsist, I would be upset as well. My intent is not to state true bisexuality does not exsist, but to raise issues around sexuality in general and the study of it.

    And of course this IS a comedy show (I hope SOMEOBODY found it funny) and so remember what we may be saying in sarcasm isnt what we belive.

    Bisexuals do exsist, what’s in question is HOW they manifest their sexuality. (What turns them on, when, why).

    I think it’s important to study sexuality because it gives us a clearer picture to what is going on in the human mind, and in a deep sense who we all are as sexual beings. Knowledge is power, yo.

  12. This show was a great improvement on the first! The pacing was a lot more measured and Fausto did a wonderful job of keeping the show moving. No offense Madge, you were great by the way.

    I can’t wait until next week when Wanda brings a little of her Wisdom to my iPod when she hosts.

    I also wanted to share my appreciation to all the contributors for providing not only dozens of hours of entertainment a week, but a forum and platform to educate and enlighten. I’m not sure you guys realize the enormity of what you’re doing nor the impact you’re making on so many listeners, so keep up the good work!

  13. I enjoyed the group discussion on the wide variety of topics this time. Though I found the first show hilarious, I was a bit worried if each episode would be a collective bitch fight against Wanda Wisdom (not that there is anything wrong with that.) 😉

    Thank you all for such a wonderful podcast! I can’t wait for the next episode.

  14. I’m a Vancouver-based Canadian and I too hate Quebec, but I hate Celine Dion even more. She’s such a fucking bagass. Case in point: Her collaboration with the disturbing baby-peddling Anne Geddes. You MUST check it out here:

    By the way – her broadcast at Live 8 in Barrie, Ontario was not only from Las Vegas – but was TAPED several hours earlier that day.

    Love the show. You guys make me wet.

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