4 thoughts on “ETHS #123 – Racism, Snowden, and Superman”

  1. hi madge, Superman was not gay in the first place, he was jewish.
    his creators Siegel and Shuster were from poor jewish immigrant family, first generation. simple freudian psychology. they were creating “clark kent” as a person who they themselves as jewish immigrants could identify with. alien in a foreign place, hiding their otherness (and possibly superiority?). 😉

    fun fact: in the third reich, goebbels forbid superman for the exact same reason proclaiming: superman is jewish.

  2. Love you ladies the race discussion was interesting. I have to say as a black gay man I don’t often encounter what Richard was talking about with most black guys not wanting to date outside their race, however I have heard that sentiment in straight black people, my mother for instance who is totally accepting of me being gay as long as im dating a black man. How fucked is that.

  3. Hey gang-just wanted to point out (as someone who used to work behind the scenes, high-up in the gay male porn industry) that yes, while the industry has some racially problematic elements the problem has become self-fulfilling: the “mainstream” (white) porn serves a large audience which enforces the dominant beauty standard but the minority/non-white sites and magazines serve the ehtno-fetishists while also creating somewhere for the talent to go, thus denying the “white” outlets access to that talent. It is a catch-22 of sorts. Good discusion, though.

  4. Thanks for letting users suggest topics. I too really enjoyed the race discourse. I always learn something new from Ragan and I found his point about Deen and the absolution of collective guilt over racist feelings insightful. I always appreciate Richard’s frank take. Though course, he really calls it as it is.

    ps When I was younger I worked for this horrible rice queen who specialized in Asian porn. So exploitative and icky. He especially disliked me cause I turned his fresh off the boat boys against him. One day I came to work and saw the FBI raiding the office (long story). I couldn’t be more pleased! I guess I’m trying to sympathize with Richard around the pyschic toll it takes working with those dependent on flesh to peddle.

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