8 thoughts on “ETHS 77: Excuse Me, Ma’am But Your Vagina is Disgusting!”

  1. The qualiturd of the progrum does not necessarily indicate its sucks-sess or marketability. I want my chicken mcNuggetts in Delaware, or my money back.

    My ass tastes like cappuccino.

  2. very timely topics in this episode. i am with you on life just working out Madge. just quit my job because it wasn’t good for me mentally, etc. and don’t know what next week will bring, but i’m not terribly freaked out.

    loved what you said Vera about not freaking out about what might be. very comforting! thanks laydeeeez

  3. You ladies made me laugh out loud on the bus to work and I live in London where we don’t do that sort of thing!

  4. As always LOVED it! Esp the editing nuggets, Vera it IS worth all the effort you’re putting in there! Wonderful!

  5. I know what you mean kernow man, I used to listen on the train, but Central Line’s too busy, kept getting weird looks…although I still get them when I’m not listening, so go figure.

    Loved the ending to this show, so funny, ‘thankful we have Vera…’

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