6 thoughts on “ETHS 57: Who It Be Long To?”

  1. Ewww 23? That’s only two years older than me, what a mess Madge. Are you serious about this baby dyke or was it a one time thing? What about that poor Spanish fish lady?

  2. FIX THE FUCKING RSS FEED AND Iturds shit whore… this episode doesn’t show up when you subscribe in iturds so how u expek ppl turd commenk if they don’t know there is a new showgrum?

    Since Madge is a whore and doesn’t care (I emailed whore), perhaps the wonderful Vera can fix it for her lovies? MOON. We all know that trying to get 1turd to do it would mean it would never get fixed. Poon.

    Show me ur lyups in the pork.

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