Victoria Lamarr needs your help!

The only podcaster right now living with full-blown AIDS, Victoria Lamarr is in the hospital recovering from a bad case of spinal menengitis. You might have heard her on the Feast of Fools podcast talking about her crush on her doctor, and all the bitchy nurses she has to deal with.

We had originally posted a paypal donate button on our website to buy her flowers, and the response has been tremendous! We’ve managed to raise $102.00 so far without even trying. So here goes. Instead of giving Victoria a bouquet of flowers, we want Victoria to start videocasting and so we wanted the community to set her up with a cheap eMac and iSight camera ($800 is our goal) which we can acheive.

Flowers wilt, but a videocast will last forever. Won’t you give some cash to get Victoria on the air?

Just donate $10-100 and help get our beloved Miss Vicki a computer!

2 thoughts on “Victoria Lamarr needs your help!”

  1. looking to meet victoria in person. knew her when she was matthew. childhood friends never forgot him.moved back to city for good

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