ETHS #139 Hide the Tsunami

Friends from way back in the early days of podcast join us today: John Ong and Cliffy Lee join us as we relive the past and ignore the present.

cliffy ongline

7 thoughts on “ETHS #139 Hide the Tsunami”

  1. When do you think Cliffy will learn English? I mean, it’s been a few years, now…

    Great show as always, but I do want to touch upon a very important subject to me; Wanda’s blatant racism HAS GOT TO STOP, I’m so offended every time she opens her white supremacist mouf. If you ask me, she should be FOFed…

  2. What an amazing show! Cliffy is so outrageous. John was a nice voice from the past too. Also I’ve been loving all the naughty references to a certain you know what 😉

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